Organized by “toolkits,” A Dose of Reality provides resources and support for those seeking treatment or supporting their loved ones in treatment. This website also offers resources and trainings for providers who are considering starting treatment using Medications for Opioid Use Disorder.  The website also offers training and information on naloxone to help prevent opioid overdose.

Seeking treatment? Click on the “Medication Assisted Toolkit” to find a local treatment program and/or prescriber.

Seeking to support a loved one? Click on the “Save a Life – Overdose and Naloxone Toolkit” to learn about how to obtain and use Narcan in an emergency situation.

Seeking training and or support to start treatment for OUDs using FDA approved medications for OUD?  Click on the site’s provider trainings link for the training calendar. This includes DATA 2000 waiver trainings and other trainings and supports.